FIAN INTERVENTIONS: Fighting Against Human Right Violations

FIAN West Bengal lobbies for the victims' right to complain at the UN against violations as well as for an improvement of the existing UN Human Rights System with the help of FIAN International.


FIAN West Bengal launches campaigns in assistance with other FIAN Sections, Coordinations and FIAN International on broad based issues related to the realization of the right to feed oneself.


Hotlines are international protest letter campaigns launched by FIAN International taking help from different FIAN Sections. As there is a very quick response intended, the usual duration is two to three weeks. And the distribution is unlimited.

Urgent Actions:

Urgent Actions are published in different languages, there is international distribution to all members, an intensive planning period (6 - 8 weeks) and they are strategically selected.

Special Interventions:

Special Interventions (sisi) are letters by the Secretary General of FIAN International intervening against a violation.

Fact Finding Missions (FFM):

A Fact Finding Mission is a visit of an international FIAN delegation to a situation of conflict about alleged violations of the Human Right to adequate food. They are coordinated by the International Secretariat.

Key Objectives:


To investigate and verify the violations of the right to feed oneself and to confront the state authorities responsible for those actions.


To support the affected groups whose human right to adequate food is violated or threatened through the international presence and the publication of the findings and results of the FFM.

Case Work:

These are long term works by a group or a task force on a specific case consisting of a whole range of activities. Case work starts with clear objectives of the case and ends once the objectives have been achieved. Usually objectives are chosen such that three years would be a realistic time frame for achieving the objectives. The group or task force carries out the immediate responsibility for the case.


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