Successful intervention against violation of right to food in Kashipur:

In Kashipur, Orissa, the right to food of thousands of tribal people was at stake due to bauxite mining which caused immense pollution of local land, water and forest resources. Moreover, several villages were threatened to be evicted due to the mining operation of UAIL, a government sponsored MNC. The local resistances were brutally repressed, 8 tribal were gunned down by police. FIAN WB intervened in time. We sent a team to Kashipur. FIAN introduced hotlines internationally. The result is hopeful. Till today UAIL has failed to expand its activities in the area. Media gave a big coverage. People's voices were heard at last.
Download Fian Intervention Document on Kashipur   Click Here to Download File  (30 Kb .pdf)

FIAN WB was successful in Bhograi, Baliapal, against eviction:

FIAN West Bengal successfully intervened in Bhograi, Baliapal, Orissa when villages faced threats of eviction due to the plan of the government to build a missile base there. The intervention was a great success as the government was forced to drop the plan.

Anti Shrimp Movement in Orissa: A success story

The unsustainable and non - profitable nature of shrimp farming in the coastal regions of Orissa has threatened the livelihood security of the poor peasants and fishers. The brackish water intensive shrimp cultivation requires huge amount of saline water and extraction of large amount of fresh ground water. As a consequence the ground water is depleted and the salinity of drinking water is also increased. The adverse impacts of shrimp cultivation include destruction of agricultural and pastoral land, destruction of mangrove forests, pollution of local waterbodies due to discharge of effluents, destabilisation of marine biodiversity due to catch of wild seeds etc. Since shrimp farming is fully export oriented the Government has encouraged this practice and The MNCs and the TNCs have invested huge amount of money in this industry. The immediate impact of this industry is lack of access to Common Property Resources by the villagers. Poor fishermen are denied their access to sea and peasants also suffer loss as agricultural lands are grabbed from them, often illegally, by shrimp industry. Thus right to food is violated to a large extent.

The people have protested against this industry in the form of large scale movements through out the nation. FIAN West Bengal has supported the victim groups and the local sympathisers in these movements, particularly in Orissa and organised various campaigns in many parts of South Asia and South East Asia in collaboration with other FIAN Chapters. The movement is a part success. The government is forced to impose Coastal Regulation Zone Act, which virtually bans all shrimp industry in the coastal belt. The shrimp industry has suffered a tremendous set back. Anti shrimp movement is a success story which has facilitated the progressive realisation of right to food and water in India and FIAN West Bengal has played significant role in supporting this people's movement at national and international levels.

Imminent Eviction at Dandi: FIAN West Bengal is there

The food security of the poor villagers in the Dandi island of Orissa is at stake due to the constant threat of eviction from state authorities and other vested interest groups. No assurance of proper rehabilitation and resettlement is made to the victims.

This island is not being recognized by the state as an official village, despite its existence since last 25 years. As an immediate consequence the inhabitants of this village are deprived of their basic human rights as a citizen of the country. The villagers do not enjoy the basic civic amenities including medical facilities, education, PDS and different food security schemes, sanitation and drinking water facilities. In a recent initiative, in the name of 'development', the Orissa Government wants to convert this virgin island into a tourist spot for generating profit. A Salt Manufacturing Company has also slated to come up for the lease of this island. 

The lack of clarity on the status of the island has made the villagers more vulnerable as they are often facing threats from various government departments i.e. Revenue and Forest. FIAN West Bengal has taken up this case for several years. Besides organising several local interventions of human rights experts and activists, recently in collaboration with FIAN International, FIAN West Bengal has conducted an International Fact Finding Mission at Dandi to understand the whole situation in depth and support the victim groups to establish their land rights through advocacy and lobby work. The FFM team has also met the DM of Baleshwar and discussed the issue with him. 

FIAN West Bengal & FIAN International in collaboration with local support group IMSE will take urgent steps to intensify national and international campaigns to highlight the violations of RTF in Dandi. FIAN West Bengal has already sent the case to UN special Rapporteur on RTF and FIAN International will follow-up the process at UN level.



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